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The World of Rock's Interstellar Audio Assault Troopers

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Many miles away, at the threshold of outer space, the moon slowly traces it’s lonely path around the earth. Far on the darkside, hidden in eternal night, an ordinary-looking crater conceals the entrance to a deep underground bunker. The secret headquarters of M-SQUAD.

Matt Holt, Mike Jett & Eli Brown are M-Squad.
An elite group of interplanetary Mushes dedicated to the proliferation of heavy rock throughout the galaxy. With their eyes and ears on the stars, and their amps set on “11”, M-Squad monitors the airwaves for signs of discord and unrest. Quick to act at the first indication of a possible violation of the MUSH code, M-Squad board their high-speed space cruisers ready to save the day. Speeding across the vast expanses of interstellar space, scores of technicians pilot a spectacular machine. Lights flash, meters flicker, and monitors spew data as bale after bale of mysterious vegetation is shoveled into the ship’s reactor. All the while, sounds unlike that heard on the old “Star Trek” fill the air. Cooled, compressed and water-filtered, the powerful smoke these machines produce is fabled to be the kindest in all the galaxy. The tanks on the backs of all squadron troopers are filled with this same miraculous vapor, ready to be unleashed on the populous of warring planets. When the great shadow of an M-Squad mothership befalls a planets surface, the citizens rejoice. They know that soon all the squares & uptights will be inundated with the sweet-smelling mystical smoke unleashed by the squadron’s great ships. Able to shatter windows and cause earthquakes & tidal waves, enormous speakers housed in the belly of the saucers blast the ungroovy
with the heaviest jams of the 21st century.

Whenever the Mush ethos is endangered,
M-Squad is there to defend the rights of the super-cool and proliferate the Mush ethic throughout the cosmos!




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