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From the inky depths of outer space...

After eons of silence, a rumor echoes across the intergalactic void. A glimmer of hope for starving rock fans is broadcast throughout the cosmos. Years have past since rock's audio assault troopers changed the stoner scene with the release of their second album "Smoke". Now, M-Squad has broken the silence and completed the recording of a third and massively heavy album that is sure to shatter minds and terrify mere mortals.

All sensors are tuned and the bandwidths are being swept for the slightest hint of information about the highly anticipated project. So far no one has heard of an official release date or a title. Only the most dedicated M-squad fans have been exposed to the new material, due to the highly secretive nature of recent M-Squad performances. Since their return from a series of West coast shows, the band has retreated to their high security, underground bunker to focus on recording their most recent sonic epic.

Video clips and rare live tracks will be available at in the near future. More information on the new album will also be forthcoming.

As of now, the only confirmed rumor is that live improvisational jams will be included on the record along with the bands studio compositions. At last, the true spirit of M-squad's concert experience will be available to all.

With the return of M-Squad to the galaxy, peace and justice is bound to prevail over the forces of evil and conformity. At the mere hint of the bands arrival, the un-groovy are cringing in fear...


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